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Recruiting and keeping wireless communication subscribers implies providing high-quality voice and data services at a reasonable price in the face of ever-increasing demand. Network densification offers a way to economically increase capacity, but it also increases the chances of quality-robbing Radio Frequency (RF) impairments such as interference and internally and externally generated passive intermodulation distortion (PIM). Fortunately, remedial RF Engineering and Maintenance techniques can be employed to correct these RF impairments, but only if engineers, technicians, or contractors can be quickly deployed to the location of the impairments with enough information to efficiently correct the problems. RANalyzer Service Assurance tools from QoScience, Inc. automatically deliver RF impairment identification and location information on a pan-network basis from a single, central location , thereby enabling fast and cost-effective resolution, increased subscriber satisfaction, and reduced churn. The result is decreased OpEx and protected revenue which in turn enable the next generation of network services that push an ever-increasing state-of-the-art in wireless communications to new levels.

Peter A. Alexander, PhD
(805) 795-9093