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Andy Koehler
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With over 24 years of experience in the wireless industry, my track record shows a history of successful sales and management using a "hunter" style ability to generate and close new business with Carriers, enterprise markets, B2B sales, and channel partners. I am successful at calling on the "C’s" in large companies demonstrated by existing relationships at upper management levels with former customers and partners. I have experience managing hardware, software, and services using a consultative approach to ROI's, RFP's, and Cost Justification models. I also have strong writing and presentation skills that are required to develop and deliver a captivating and highly credible presentation targeted at solving critical business needs. Using a combination of leadership skills learned in the Marines and a "can do" attitude developed while training as an athlete at the US Olympic Training Center, I am able to effectively overcome obstacles and win the trust of customers, resulting in higher revenues for the company.

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